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About Pacific Lotus Corps

Pacific Lotus Corps began in 2016 as Animalia Collective, a concept by artist and designer Kevin Halfhill. Kevin had previously spent over 15 years as a freelance web developer, during which time he designed websites for a number of non-profit organizations throughout Southern California. In 2014, he initiated a career shift; he opened a home-based art studio to pursue fine art professionally.

Having a strong desire to continue working with non-profits, Kevin created this site as a platform to educate, inform, and raise money for a cause very dear to him: the conservation of nature and wildlife. Since its formation, the site has continued to grow and cultivate partnerships to support wildlife, climate, and environmental conservation and restoration. Kevin began partnering with Giraffe Conservation Foundation in 2015.

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Says Kevin, “For me personally, art is about much more than just making pretty things or having fun; it’s about making a statement. Art allows us to express and influence in ways that words cannot—photography, visual art, and music are all formidable instruments at our disposal in our collective quest to better The World. Visual arts are a potent way of communicating beyond language and reason.

“Power, when focused, promotes change, and I can’t escape my belief that change is one of the best parts of the human experience.”

“More often than not, art makes us feel, and those feelings can be very powerful. Power, when focused, promotes change, and I can’t escape my belief that change is one of the best parts of the human experience. When I first made the decision to pursue a career in fine art, I knew that I wanted to do something more than just make art—I wanted to make people feel. I try to do that every day through my work.”

Kevin Halfhill is a self-taught digital artist from Los Angeles, California. Now, he works internationally and loves connecting with people everywhere who share his interest in creating beautiful and meaningful things. His work reflects influences of abstract, minimalism, dystopianism, collage, macro photography, and often focuses on complex arrangements of simple geometric shapes. He is known for his colorful, often origami-like portraits, and his use of simple shapes to create intricate, evocative imagery.